Hi, I’m Liz. I’m an interior designer, entrepreneur, wife, mom, law school graduate. I’m a problem-solver, sometime people-pleaser who believes if you spend 8 of 24 hours in a day sleeping, you’re doing something wrong.

I grew up in Queens, New York, where I was heavily influenced by some of hip hop’s greatest storytellers – Slick Rick, Jay Z, and A Tribe Called Quest. So for me, designing a space has always been an opportunity to tell a story. Street art, fashion and architecture also serve as a source of inspiration, edge and flair that distinguishes my personal style and work.

While attending law school, I also worked as a communications director for a New York City Council member. I followed that with paralegal-ing, lobby-ing, and liais-ing for a residential real estate firm. But designing the apartments and homes of friends and colleagues – the most surprisingly critical people you can imagine – is where I found my voice. I earned a certificate in Interior Design from the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

I strive to bring a sharp, colorful and edgy point-of-view to each of my design projects, a savvy mind that’s attuned to my client’s vision, and a resourceful drive to pull it all together.

In 2015 Elizabeth Holmes was featured on NBC’s George to the Rescue and was named one of Newsday’s All-Star Designers