Wet Rooms: The New Luxury Bath Trend

Step in, step out. Watch your feet and be mindful of the shower door. The traditional bathroom isn’t exactly the most comfortable sanctuary for soaking, relaxing or even a bit of day-dreaming. Not anymore. Wet rooms are fast catching up as a more convenient, luxurious and versatile replacement to the conventional bathroom. They are one of the hottest luxury amenities being incorporated by homeowners seeking a spa-like experience at home. Interior designers love the concept of a wet room as it allows them to do more with less and not be restricted to just planning the design of different zones of a typical bathroom.

Smith Brothers Bali Pavilions on Kauai via Houzz
Smith Brothers Bali Pavilions on Kauai via Houzz

So, what exactly is a wet room?

Imagine walking into a bathroom with no barriers. There is an inviting seat in the middle where you can plonk yourself down. You turn on the jets and water rains down on you. No confinement within the four walls of a shower enclosure, just an open space where you can move around comfortably. A wet room can also incorporate a minimal barrier, such as a single glass panel separating the wet and dry zones of the room.

Can you achieve a high degree of customization?

Yes, you can. If you have an expansive bathroom, you can convert it into a fully-customized wet room. Homely and warm or sombre and industrial; vintage or modern tile patterns; skylight and garden views or a strictly private zone with high-tech fittings, your wet room can address your priorities and make a statement about you.

A built-in gradient oriented towards the drain can prevent the water of a wet room from pooling. Underfloor heating can evaporate excess water while also imparting warmth to the room. Sandblasted finishes and textured stone tiles offer a secure feeling underfoot. A well-planned wet room provides functional and aesthetic benefits while delivering the experience you want.

Wet Room Design via Houzz
Wet Room Design via Houzz

As there is minimal separation between zones, a wet room makes use of every inch of space available in a bathroom. Bathrooms with a lesser square footage can benefit from an intelligent wet room design.

A good aging in place design

 With no raised structures to navigate, a wet room is the definitive barrier-free and wheelchair-friendly bathroom design in existence today. It’s an excellent investment that can continue serving you well into the future.


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